Who We Are

Our Team

Nashville Analytics is a group of data-loving Nashvillians committed to building businesses in our hometown. We understand the value of data in optimizing your business operations and monetizing your greatest asset: your data.

Founder James Suh’s backgrounds in engineering, over 20 years of data analysis, and experience as a Marine captain guides the team to fully understand the business objectives, identify data for analysis, and bring actionable insights. Our objective is to help your company find the data-driven path that is right for your business.

We are proud to be a Veteran and minority owned and operated team dedicated to promoting underrepresented populations in business, data analytics, and technology.

Our Philosophy

Our leadership team’s foundation is in real world operations and research with business and industry data expertise and technical skills honed over decades. We specialize in short-term, business-focused data engagements that make the most of your time and our skills. Our mix of business experience and data knowledge mean that we put your business objectives–instead of our own data expertise–at the forefront of each contract.

We firmly believe that data without accompanying operational insights are at best a nice desktop screensaver and at worst a disastrous misuse of organizational resources. Our process leads to engagements that go to market faster and at lower cost than engagements with firms who push proprietary software.

We strive to deliver analytics insights and recommendations that are tailored to our client’s unique needs using industry standard tools and resources. Our emphasis on industry standard tools means that our clients can change strategic direction with limited risk or investment costs. We know how bad it feels to be trapped in a software or contract that no longer fits, so we will never put our clients in that position.

Our Logo

We are proud of our logo and what it represents. It is abstract but relates well to what our company does. Just as our analytics engagements draws from multiple sources of data to build a larger picture,  the graphic portion of the logo is built from four simple curved lines that are meaningless when taken individually, but when pulled together, form the distinct “N” of Nashville. The curved shape of the lines reflect the Cumberland River and the flow of information.

 Nashville Analytics Logo