Past Successes

Our team has engage with clients across a large number of industries on a broad range of data based operational and business issues. We have the expertise to deliver rapid insights and client specific data optimization and monetization strategies. Check out a few of our past successes below.

Reducing Attrition

Reducing Customer Attrition with Machine Learning


An international eCommerce organization had a customer attrition rate that exceeded the rate of acquisition – causing an overall negative growth rate.  The team was tasked with increasing save rates by building a model that allowed targeted outreach to at risk customers.

Monetizing Data

Boosting Insurance Sales by Predicting Customers Next Purchase


The client had high customer turnover and large variability in their sales staff; while revenue was steady, growth was flat. Our team was tasked with building a Next Best Offer Model (propensity to purchase) to guide sales staff in presenting customers products they had a higher likelihood to purchase.  The goal was to accelerate growth by driving sales, reducing churn, improving staff retention.

Optimizing Processes

A contact center reduces processing time by 95%


A national contact center tasked with managing a candidate application process for 32 of its member states struggled to keep up with increased volume of applications and customer communications. Their internal solution was to continually add headcount, but the published 8-10 week turnaround time often took substantially longer than 8-weeks to complete. The result was a spiraling cost structure and increasing reputational harm to the organization.

Military Readiness

A Marine Corps Squadron achieves 99% deployment readiness


A Marine Corps support squadron needed to dramatically improve its mission readiness and reporting capabilities, as it was among the worst performers in this category.  The unit was looking at various solutions to help drive improvements in this key metric, but most options were very labor intensive and had inherent reporting delays.

Campaign Analytics

How Data Science helped win a Mayoral election


Facing a two-time incumbent in the client’s first race for higher office, the campaign team wanted to identify undecided voters and likely donors using advanced campaign analytics.

Crisis Response

Proactive Brand Management in Regulated Industry


A publicly traded, federally regulated industry was historically slow-reactive to public relations events. A reactive approach to brand management significantly increased regulatory, financial, and reputational risk while also increasing the potential for sanctions on core product pricing.  To mitigate these risks, the team was tasked with developing a proactive response and brand management model using customer segmentation modeling and social medial tracking.