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Our Approach

At Nashville Analytics, we embrace a problem first philosophy with all of our engagements.  We don’t come with a ready made solution because we know that your vision, resources, timeline and expectations are unique.  Our breadth of experiences across industries and disciplines enable an engagement model that evolves as we learn more about you.

Our approach is iterative and incremental.  We deliver quickly and recommend next steps that are always in your best interest.  Our solutions are built on industry standard frameworks that provide your organization the flexibility to rapidly change direction.

If your strategic vision no longer aligns with our core capabilities, we will partner with you to find and transition to your ideal solution.

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Our Services

Informatics and Data Science

Business Informatics and Intelligence uses the company’s internal data to understand the current standing within the existing business environment. We then add the data science tools machine learning, artificial intelligence, data modeling, and other data science disciplines to develop a future-facing understanding of business needs.  

Visualizations and Dashboards

Many companies who currently work with data struggle to deliver their findings successfully to stakeholders. A lack of technical knowledge, access to data visualization resources, or an inability to communicate their needs to technical teams can all get in the way of effective data visualization. We provide a bridge between companies and their data visualization and reporting needs. 

Jumpstart Analytics

Jumpstart Analytics is our rapid delivery engagement, designed to help organizations begin their data with limited time and capital investment.  We deliver high value insights from even the most unstructured data and provide functional roadmaps to grow your company.

White Label Analytics

Adding data science and analytics capabilities to your existing service offering is not an easy, or inexpensive undertaking.  We partner with digital marketing and consulting firms to strengthen their core offerings to improve client acquisition and retention.