Informatics and Data Science

Global informatics and data science map

Business Informatics and Intelligence uses the company’s internal data to understand the current standing within the existing business environment. We then add the data science tools machine learning, artificial intelligence, data modeling, and other data science disciplines to develop a future-facing understanding of business needs.  

Expect for the insights uncovered with this service to  provide answers and recommendations to key issues currently facing the company. The reduced scope of the engagements allows delivery of initial insights in weeks vs months or years. Depending on the needs identified in the initial assessment, the resulting analysis can vary from a focused descriptive analysis of the business environment to a comprehensive analytics solution that combines broad data sets and unique machine learning models to answer complex questions or derive key insights.  

The limited strategic focus and lack of a comprehensive understanding of the company are the main distinctions between this and Prescriptive Analytics. We make only limited strategic recommendations due to a lack of focus on the implications or potential outcomes of those decision. 

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