Visualizations and Dashboards

Sample of Data Visualization Dashboard

Many companies who currently work with data struggle to deliver their findings successfully to stakeholders. A lack of technical knowledge, access to data visualization resources, or an inability to communicate their needs to technical teams can all get in the way of effective data visualization. We provide a bridge between companies and their data visualization and reporting needs. 

A typical engagement will follow this 5-step workflow:   

    • Meet with the client and understand their needs.   
    • Assess the data and identify the key sets needed for the desired output.   
    • Ingest data (ETL and data cleansing) and create key calculated fields, measures and KPIs.   
    • Develop Visualizations/Dashboards.   
    • Publish to end user group.  

We also provide a hosted dashboard solution that companies can engage full-time for everything from quarterly goal reports to near-real time data updates. The tools and platforms we use ensure the client can change direction and move to a different provider or service with limited operational impact or cost. 

An ideal engagement would involve the business unit leadership or higher (typically Director or Senior Manager). 

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