Jumpstart Analytics

Sprinter getting a jumpstart in the race

Jumpstart Analytics is our rapid delivery engagement, designed to help organizations begin their data with limited time and capital investment.  We deliver high value insights from even the most unstructured data and provide functional roadmaps to grow your company.

We have decades of experience creating rapid analytics solutions including visualizations, KPIs, descriptive analytics, and data science work–with the messiest of data sets. This work is not typically strategic but instead can illuminate the company’s current business environment.   

Our key clients in this area range from early stage startups with limited resource to Fortune 500 companies who understand the importance of data to business growth but lack the resources to analyze new data sets or markets.  

In most instances, we are able to collect, ingest, analyze, and visualize data in weeks from the time we formally engage with our clients. This service can be a one-time “jumpstart” deliverable to a fully hosted solution with near real time data updates.  

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