Prescriptive Analytics and Strategy

Prescriptive Analytics compass

Prescriptive analytics engagements begin with a full understanding of the data needs of the company, with the understanding that the relationship will be ongoing and include several stages of data gathering, initial analysis, goal setting, and prescriptive analysis based on the evolving needs of the business.

We start by deeply understanding our client, their goals, resources, their market segment, and other business-critical data. This in-depth understanding of the client helps drive the preliminary analytics.  The descriptive and predictive analytics are then formed by  focusing on the future goals of the organization.  

Incorporated into the long-term analytics are strategic plans, recommendations, and roadmaps based on the data output. We continue to evolve the models and recommend tactical/strategic engagements to leverage the analytics insights derived from the analysis.  

Over the course of the engagement, typically 6-months or more, we expect to undergo several analysis cycles as we better understand the business environment. 

The main skills areas include Business Strategy, Data Science, Informatics, Data Monetization, Visualizations.

Due to the strategic nature of this service, direct engagement with the C-Suite is ideal. 

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